Candyman's SweetBox is an application for live visual performances.

Trigger video files, shockwave movies, still images and even audio files, open all the media files of a folder at once, capture stream from video devices and load 3D objects.
Preview every stage of your performance, apply animated textures and live deformation effects to the 3D object.
The unique Preset Tool lets you save and load preset files for every changeable value of the program, and automatize the speed and playback of the presets.
Overall, control this features easily with any MIDI controller and a simple and intuitive grafic interface.

Please try it (it's free) and send your comments!




Minor updates on the webpage and file system..

Sweetbox 0.2b released. Fixed missing GUI. 3D module added and major java-related bugs detected (pendant of fixing). New web page. Thankyou jedi and jerome.

Sweetbox 0.1 beta version released. Webpage launched.
SweetBox 0.2b Download [5.13 MB]
Windows version, with WinVDIG.
If the application shows a warning during start-up make sure to:
You can send your comments to candyman at goldensantos dot com. Thank you for trying this software.